How will I receive my order from office key store?

We will email you a genuine office activation key within 15mins-8 Hours.  90% of orders are filled in an hour.

Will I receive a anything in the mail?

No, the delivery is digital.  You get a link to download from Microsoft and a genuine key.

How long does it take to install Office?

Depending on your internet connection 10 mins – 30 mins

How Fast should I install it?

Please install Office the same day you receive the product license.

Can I use the installation on more then one computer?

No you cannot, it will only works once.

If I buy a new computer, or have to reinstall my operating system will it still work?

Unfortunately, not, only works one time.  You would have to buy another license.

Do you offer support?

Yes through live chat or contact page.

What are your hours of operation?

12pm- 12am eastern standard time.

Do you offer bulk sales?

Yes please contact us

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